Friday Night Menu Choices

Let us know what you want to eat on Friday evening

(i.e. the day before)

Many of you will be joining us on the Friday evening (17th March), the night before the wedding for a chance to get away and make a full weekend of it – and meet a few new faces.

As we’ve got over 40 people coming on the Friday evening we’ve managed to arrange a separate banquet room for us!

…but as there are so many of us, we need to let the restaurant know our menu choices before the event, so can you please take the time to complete the form and let us know what you want to eat on the Friday.

If you can complete the form for each individual attending (so if you’re doing it for yourself and your partner, you’ll need to complete the form twice).

…and if there is a reason you are unable to have any of the provided for menu choices (such as religious or dietary restrictions), please advise us in the notes box below with any suggestions of changes/alternatives for you.

The cost for the meal is £25 and this will be added to your room bill when you check out.

Thanks for your help.

Robin & Vanessa