Send Robin & Vanessa Away

Ever wanted to just send Robin & Vanessa away?

Now’s your chance!

Robin & Vanessa have probably been insufferable with all their wedding talk recently… so now’s your chance to get rid of them.

Although they’re just happy for you to attend the wedding, they understand that some of you might want to give some form of wedding gift.

You can decide how far you want to send them by clicking the drop down menu, which corresponds to a destination/gift value, and then also popping in a suitable message.

(It’ll all be put forward as a contribution to the honeymoon in October when they travel to Indonesia… but figured it’d be more fun for you to “get rid of them somewhere”!)

When confirmed, you’ll receive a message via email confirming the details and advising you of how to make the payment.

All details will be forwarded to Keith, the Best Man, so Robin & Vanessa won’t know anything until the wedding itself – and he’s looking after the bank account (so if he’s mysteriously not at the wedding it’s because he’s run off with all the loot!)